2.8 Design for Dogs

43 products

    43 products
    2.8 design for dogs was founded in 2016 by portrait photographer Anna Bussolotto, who was looking for beautiful and functional objects she could dedicate to her beloved Dachshunds Quintale and Hermione, as well as to the sophisticated spaces of her home.

    Inspired by the world of photography, 2.8 actually refers to the camera’s aperture: a parameter that keeps the chosen subjects in total focus. In this case, the animal’s well-being combined with its owner’s taste.
    Each one of our products carries the name of a great photographer: Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Steve McCurry and many other great artists that have captured the very essence of nature and mankind.

    2.8 was born to offer dog-lovers a range of everyday products encompassing elegant design as well as an intrinsic practicality and easy maintenance.

    For 2.8 design for dogs, respecting materials, those who create them and those who eventually get to use them means respecting our Earth. 

    Improving the bond between dogs and people is indeed 2.8 design for dogs’ mission. Focusing on high quality and the animal’s well-being keeps us continuously looking for the most natural and best-performing materials, pursuing the values we believe in.

    Our company is very proud to produce entirely in Italy, with a team of craftsmen and women that only employ local fabrics and materials. The tailored manufacture of each article represents the very best of Made in Italy, an idea we identify with beauty, elegance and high quality.

    The sensorial stimuli encompassed by the precious textiles and utmost comfort at the foundation of each project come from the inspiration and contamination of other milieus, such as fashion, architecture and interior design.