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    Transform Your Home into a Pet Paradise: Luxurious Italian Pet Accessories

    Indulge your discerning dog in the ultimate comfort and style with our exquisite collection of home and travel pet accessories, handcrafted in Italy.  Embrace timeless elegance with our Henri Recycled Wool Dog Bed or luxurious Fulvio Boucle Wool Round Dog Bed.  These sumptuously soft and sustainable beds offer your pet a haven of relaxation, while seamlessly complementing your home décor.

    For the ultimate in opulent indulgence, explore our exquisite cowhide collection, the Henri Cowhide Dog Bed and its perfect match Bruce Designer Cowhide Dog Bowl Mat.  These stunning pieces, crafted from the finest ethically sourced cowhide, exude an aura of sophistication and provide unparalleled comfort for your furry friend.  Complete the luxurious look with our cozy Ansel Luxury Casentino Wool Dog Blanket or stylish Ansel Luxury Recycled Wool Dog Blanket.  Available in a range of captivating colours, these blankets offer both warmth and style.

    Eco-Conscious Luxury: Sustainable Travel & Play

    For the environmentally conscious pet parent, our collection of eco-friendly Mimmo dog toys offers the perfect combination of fun and sustainability.  Crafted from recycled materials, these engaging toys not only entertain your pet but also demonstrate your commitment to the planet.

    Traveling with your canine companion?  Ensure their comfort on the go with our luxuriously soft Steve Recycled Wool Dog Travel Mat - Car Seat Cover.  Perfect for use in the car, at a restaurant, or a hotel, these mats provide a familiar and comfortable space for your pet to rest and relax.

    Spoil Your Furry Friend: Italian Luxury Pet Products from Contemporary Pet Space

    At Contemporary Pet Space, our passion lies in celebrating the artistry of Italian craftsmanship. We believe your beloved dog deserves a home environment that reflects not only exquisite style but also a commitment to sustainability.  Our meticulously curated collection features a range of stunning options, from plush recycled wool beds and eco-friendly dog toys to luxurious cowhide accessories.

    Shop online today and discover a world of luxury for your furry friend, exclusively from Contemporary Pet Space, available throughout Australia.  Transform your home into a pet paradise and spoil your cherished companion with the finest Italian craftsmanship.